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Email marketing: analytic tips to boost performance by 300% - case study

This post is part of our blog post series on data science case studies and success stories.

Analyticbridge improved open rates by 300%, and dramatically improved total clicks and click-through rates using the following strategies:

1. Remove subscribers who did not open the newsletter during the last 8 deployments

This produced a spectacular increase in open rate, and also significantly improved our "spam score", as our newsletter chances of ending up in a spam box or a spam trap is reduced to almost 0.

2. Segmentation of subscriber base to better target members, for instance to send a UK conference announcement to members located in Europe, but not to members in Asia or America.

3. Detect and stop sending messages that produce low open rates

4. Capturing member information (profession, experience, industry, location etc.) on sign up to create better segments.

5. Grow the list by

  • offering great products for free to subscribers only: we are going to implement this idea with our data science eBook, requesting visitors to subscribe to our newsletter if they want to download our book.
  • requesting our LinkedIn new members (> 600 per week) to become a member of Analyticbridge (the IEEE organization is using the same strategy)

6. A/B testing in real time when deploying a email blast: try 3 different subject lines with 3,000 subscribers, then use the subject line with highest click through rate for the remaining 40,000 subscribers.

7. Identify patterns in subject lines that work well

  • research reports from well respected companies
  • case studies, success stories
  • announcement about 10 great articles recently published in top news outlets
  • salary surveys, job ads from great companies, data science programs from top universities
  • not using the same great keywords over and over as it kills efficiency (poor subject titles that change each time work better than great subject titles that are over-used)

Example of successful articles recently posted:

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