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ESTIMATION: Market sizing for smartphone flip cover cases in US

With elevating popularity for smartphones and other mobile devices, there is also increasing demand for mobile accessories like covers etc. A recent study showed that smartphone owners spend roughly $56 on accessories per device, nearly double the amount of feature phone owners. Smartphone case market is one of the latest examples of products that were originally intended to be functional and evolved into fashion statements and spurred an industry to make devices unique and personalized. 


Estimate market size for smartphone cases that rigidly protect the screen (e.g. flip cover cases) for the US market

Target Market: USA
Target Industry: Smartphones
Target Products

Estimation Time Period (Years): 2013, 2014 and 2015

What to Estimate: Market size = (Number of sales)*(average sale value) measured in USD


Please use the template file "CAX_Estimation_SmartphoneCovers_Template.pptx" provided under Data tab for making your submissions.


3 prizes of $100 each - Total of $300

Evaluation criteria

  • Veracity of data/data sources used
  • Completeness of estimation
  • References provided for each of the estimations
  • Detailed calculation steps provided


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