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ESTIMATION: Shifting paradigms in digital content consumption


Digital content has gone through significant changes in past couple of decades. From DVDs to internet streaming, from Blu-ray to 4k, HD and from TVs to desktops to mobile, viewing patterns have transformed and so has the economics of the industry.

For example: Netflix’s business model of On-demand streaming is a whopping 4.7 billion USD business with over 10 million subscribers. Consequentially, many alternate business models are facing the heat.

One of them is EST [Electronica-sell-through], a method of media distribution whereby consumers pay a one-time fee to download a media file for storage on a hard drive. Top few players in this space are Amazon Video on Demand, Microsoft’s Zune platform and Walmart’s VUDU.


The contest has 5 Estimation objectives  that will help EST providers understand key patterns and shifts in the way consumers are consuming digital content are:

  • Objective 1: % of consumers in US who like to 'own'/'collect' the content [movies, videos, TV shows, podcasts] forever
  • Objective 2: How Cost to customer of buying one unit of digital content has changed over years viz-a-viz other options like renting and subscriptions?
  • Objective 3: Are consumers of digital content satisfied with quality of video provided by EST providers?
  • Objective 4: Do consumers of digital content prefer videos/contents that work across various devices like across mobile OS, TV, desktop etc.?
  • Objective 5: How pervasive is the phenomena of Binge watching in US. Is this a significant driver why people chose Netflix over buying digital content?


Solvers are expected to download and fill the excel file provided by the name “CAX_Estimation_template_CrowdANALYTIX_ID_ddmmyy”under Data tab.

While submitting the file, rename it using

  • Date


one submission per objective will be awarded 150 USD.

There are 5 objectives making the total price pool to be 750 USD.


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