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CrowdANALYTIX Contests - IDEATION on Determining Movie Ticket Pricing

Creative Minds & Data Scientists, Hop on to, participate and win up to $6000!!

Determine Movie Ticketing fee for is a prominent online ticketing website for booking movies and entertainment shows in India. Bookmyshow makes its revenue based on the convenience fee that they charge for booking shows through their website. This is an ideation contest to help them determine convenience fee pricing. It is important that you take a moment to read through the contest description in detail, especially contest objective. Top 10 submissions will win a prize of USD 100 each.

MODELING: Response Modeling for New Product Promotion Targeting

Telecom industry is known for revolutionizing the experience that people have with their mobile phones. In this highly competitive market, innovations are inevitable in order to sustain the business. It is critical for companies to identify customers who are engaged with existing products or applications and target them for new and innovative product offerings.

The goal of this contest is to score customers based on their likelihood to response to a new product based on their usage of existing product.

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