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Four innovative ideas to optimize business processes

This article is part of our series on new startup ideas.

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  • Automated editor: to correct typos in programs (SAS, SQL, C++, Java, Python etc.) or to correct grammatical structure on social networks that currently use human beings for editing / proofreading, such as Quora. Even the simplest code editor should be able to detect most occurences when a comma is missing in SQL, or a semi-colon is missing in Perl, and fix it, without causing false positives.
  • Improve search capabilities on social network: search Groups / Pages and not just people (on Facebook), search postings (on LinkedIn, Facebook), better search capabilities on Twitter, better search algorithm on Ning (that's why we offer Google search on our Ning network, rather than the default Ning search box).
  • Detection and elimination of bogus leads on pay-per-lead or pay-per-click program. For instance, with Google Analytics, an advertiser could create two types of landing pages: one for bogus leads (detected in real time, e.g. as they come from outside US), and one for valid leads (the only one that will get the conversion tracking code implemented for Google Analytics). Then detect sources of invalid leads and block the referral domains or IP addresses. Google could indeed offer this service by allowing advertisers to report invalid and valid conversions, then identify invalid conversions across multiple advertisers, and eliminate the sources of invalid leads.
  • Extra ID protection offered to social network users, at $1/month. Users paying for this service would have their data stored on more expensive, more secure servers (with advanced monitoring features for intrusion detection), where the risk of account hijacking is much lower (6.5 million LinkedIn accounts were hijacked last week). Financial companies already offer this type of services to credit card users.

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