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We are getting closer to having a nice search functionality on DSC. If you remember the title of one of our articles - or some keywords - but can't find it on Google, try our DSC search engine. You can find the Search tab at the top, on any web page on our network. This search functionality is now ads-free.

Also, we are in the process of writing an article Data scientist shares his growth hacking secrets, which we expect to attract lots of interest. Hopefully, it will be published in our next weekly digest (Monday edition). It will show that data science is not just about coding (Python, R), data processing and engineering (Hadoop), and machine learning, but also includes business hacking and domain expertise, as core components. The key data set used in this article (top 2,000 DSC articles, with full text, ranked by date and popularity) is already available for download, in our members-only section.

Finally, we are finalizing our next digest. It will feature the following articles

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