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Gillian Tett on Davos in the Financial Times

Gillian Tett has not written anything under her own byline in the Financial Times since November last year and before that her contributions were unfortunately sparse. She has moved up the ladder in the FT recently, finally acknowledged for all her great reporting on the phases of the Credit Crisis from the summer of 2007 (yes!). She was the first journalist to truly acknowldege it was happening and was in the thick of it during the horrible moments of Central Bank liquidity pumps and Sunday evening bank rescues (or not as the case may be). Her journalism on matters of quantitative predictive analytic in banking is as good as it gets, given her audience. Today she has a piece on the Davos Economic Forum which has just commenced, its like reading Dickens on-line. I have already pre-ordered Gillian Tett's new book, maybe this blog will get me lunch one day (maybe not!)!

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