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GOOGLE goes Social by introducing +1 Button

Few days ago I was searching for something in Google. When I got result of my search then I saw that one blue button with +1 appeared in the right end of that search result. I just clicked that button and ignore that thing and just got involved with my search results which I had searched for. But few days later when I had gone through my Google profile I noticed that one new tab of +1’s had been appeared in my profile. When I clicked on that tab I saw a message “Your +1's appear here. +1 the things around the web you like, agree with or want to recommend to others” and one website URL appears under this. Then I thought of that button. Suddenly I remembered that I had clicked that button during Google search after that I was quite interested about that blue button with +1 sign and I had gone through Google to read more about that +1 button.
This blue button with +1 sign is introduced by Google which is just like a bookmark thing during Google search. According to Google +1 shows that “that is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”.  It shows that you publicly stamped on something or recommended something to the world. If you are searching for something in Google and find anything interesting then you can click that +1 button which appears in right end of that particular organic search. When you will click that +1 button for any sites then that particular site will automatically add to your Google profile and users of Google can use that for future reference.  
This particular button will only appear in Google search when you sign in with your Google account. After that you can only use of that +1 button because it will automatically add the links which you have clicked that button as I previously said. It’s a kind of recommendation from your side to users who is already in your Google profile or to the world and shows them what you recommended or what you were found interesting while search. You can show your +1 tab to the world or can make it private to you. This +1 button help your friends, contact or other person to find the best stuff which you already checked and stamped your approvals while they search for related things.  Search Engine Optimizer can uses that button for their own website or client’s website by click that +1 button in Google organic search, which is a kind of recommendation for that website to the friends, contacts and others. This +1 button can be use by SEO services Company for website promotion.
As I already said it’s a kind of bookmark during search which automatically saves in your profile and you can use that website list for your future use. This +1 button is only available in English version and only on not on or other Google Search engine websites.
So go social with Google!

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Comment by Vincent Granville on May 22, 2011 at 2:04pm
It would be interesting to see how they are going to prevent the +1 feature from being abused. You can say the same think about the "like" Facebook button. As always, when abuse reaches some critical level, the abused feature looses all its interest and value, as most people start to think that the majority of +1, likes, etc. are fake or paid for, and thus meaningless.

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