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Google introduce WebP: New image format for web

As we are familiar with WebM which has been introduced last year and successful implementation of that format in Youtube last month. Now Google announced a new format for image called WebP. WebP format of image allows you to compress your file space upto 40% without any change in its original resolution not only that but it also magnifies your pix resolution from all other formats like JPEG or PNG.

Google officially announced that they have improved the compression algorithm in WebP format which reduces the file size and increase the quality of image. This means that by using WebP format for image one can reduces the file size of image without losing its sharpness. It can help webpage to open faster because big size images slowdown the page load time but WebP format for images can reduce file size of that image with better quality then before as I previously said. So this format will help webpage to reduce page load time and webpage will browse faster.

Google announced last day via its chromium blog that new WebP format for image is based on WebM technology & VP8 codec and has few new features and expended support for WebP. WebP’s compression algorithms have been improved and compatible with previous release. Google said that fancy upsampler has been integrated in decoding side which reduces the pixilation of strong image. This can be check through compare the image of WebP format and JPEG or PNG format by zooming both format images simultaneously. On the other hand for encoding side Google said that they focused on segmenting the image into areas with similar compressibility.

WebP is convincingly supported in chrome and opera now only although it can be also compatible with some other Google products like Picasa and Gmail to share, send and receive their moments in lesser time with better resolution. This means mass using chrome or opera can only avail the benefit of this product. On the other hand it is not yet configure to use with Mozilla, IE or others. As I previously said that the file size is lesser in WebP with respect to other image format and it can improve page load time so, for the future prospect most of browser will support that format.

By using of WebP image format website will open faster or images will appear faster than previous and SEO services Company also use this image format for image optimization if this format supports other web browser like Mozilla or IE.

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