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Google search ranking algorithm deemed unfair by European Commission

[...] The [European] commission will investigate whether Google has abused a dominant market position by “allegedly lowering the ranking of unpaid search results of competing services which are specialised in providing users with specific online content such as price comparisons . . . and by according preferential placement to the results of its own . . . services,” the EU executive said.

The commission will also look into allegations that Google lowered the “Quality Score” for sponsored links of competing services. The Quality Score is one of the factors that determine the price paid to Google by advertisers.[...]

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I think that Google has the right to favor its own advertisers, partners such as Wikipedia, and internal content such as Google jobs vs. Bing jobs in Google search results, it's a practice that all publishers do. I also think everybody knows about that and everybody can find Google-censored pages outside Google, e.g. by consulting other search engines or meta-search engines.

Do you agree?

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Comment by Vincent Granville on December 2, 2010 at 10:36am
It makes it interesting to advertise on Google knowing that you also get more clicks from organic search. We advertise on Indeed (a PPC search engine for job seekers), and the more we spend, the more organic traffic we get.
Comment by Uri Rodny on December 1, 2010 at 9:45pm
It is more than chutzpah, it is just idiocy. A new fairness doctrine: do not dare to succeed. If they do not like it, stop googling or switch to Bing. If this trend persist, US should be willing to establish a commission and investigate whether the Europeans are abusing their dominant political power by attacking the best of US industries. Google has the right to give itself a preferential treatment. They are not a charity, and they have competition. Dominant position is not a monopoly, they earned it by just being smart. The Europeans drag everyone down to their own meager level, which it is potentially harmful to us. We, as a nation, also need to defend our common interests.

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