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Habits of Highly Effective Data Professionals: “Beginning with the End in Mind”

In a post for Dataversity, I discussed the power of "Beginning with the End in Mind" for Data Professionals, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Technologists...

What if Steven Covey was a technologist, data professional, or data scientist?  Would the best-selling author–best known for promoting his ”Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“–have thrived in today’s data-driven world?

I believe he could have thrived, if he adapted to the complexity and practical realities of working with data and technology.  Like today’s best data pros, he would have succeeded by combining technical skills with the principle of “Beginning with the End in Mind” (Habit #2).  He would also have needed to take the next step, rolling his sleeves up and figuring out HOW to achieve his most essential goals.

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Jaime Fitzgerald

Founder and Managing Partner

Fitzgerald Analytics, Inc.

From Data to Dollars™

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