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Hadoop with Hive or a RDBMS? Learn when to use which!

Hadoop with Hive or a RDBMS? Do you know the right technology to use in Big Data Analytics?
Request this new white paper and learn when to use Hadoop, Hive and embedded MapReduce in RDBMS. Author Colin White of BI Research presents a set of scenarios outlining how Hadoop and relational DBMS technology can coexist to provide the benefits of big data and big data analytics to both the business and to data scientists.
As an example of the use of MapReduce in a relational DBMS, the paper also reviews the implementation of MapReduce in the Aster Database.
This white paper will help you:
Examine the need for data scientists in deploying big data solutions
Learn the value of MapReduce for unlocking value in multi-structured data
Know when to use what Hadoop with Hive or embedded MapReduce in RDBMS
Download the Report Now
Colin White Examines The Advantages of Big Data and The Role of The Data Scientist in Deploying Big Data Solutions.
MapReduce and the Data Scientist

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