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How Analytics help in Corporate & Institutional Banking?

There is a fire, everything burnt into ashes, reborn the phoenix.

Challenges faced by the industry

It happens to every industry, the down cycle is the time to restructure, optimize for the longer journey. The same happening to the investment banking industry. Weighted by public scrutiny and heavier regulation on disclosure, rounds of cost cutting and restructuring follows. Silicon Valley has overtaken Wall Street as the destination of the brightest. Would it be more attractive if we can do a Silicon Valley job in Wall Street? Termed the “sexist job in the century”, would it be sexier if we can do this sexiest job in the better paid industry?

How Analytics help in Corporate & Institutional Banking?

I. Knowing Clients Better:

For Corporate clients

  1. More insight from sticky flow businesses:

For Institutional/Private Bank clients

  1. Digitizing clients’ investment policies
  2. Learning counterpart’s investment strategies
  3. Knowing client’s overall assets
  4. Measuring Client’s investment performance

For Investment Banking clients:

  1. Reducing uncertainty in M&A engagement
  2. Increasing reverse inquiry to company in Debt and Equity issuance
  3. Optimizing cost of borrowing and return on capital of clients
  4. Maximizing Company Values
  5. Bringing PE’s Private companies to Public Market

II. Improving efficiency:

  1. Knowing clients efficiently
  2. Broadening client coverage base by Algo-Bankers
  3. Alignment of client intelligence end-to-end

III. Active listening of Clients Voice:

  1. Hearing clients’ voice from front line staff
  2. Replacing Red Ocean 3rd party client survey by focusing on existing internal survey

IV. Improving knowledge of the secondary markets

  1. Regulation as cost not revenue for better transparency

Conclusion: Value creation at the Bottom of the hierarchy, insight on the Client as the Client

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