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How do you solve your "Pre-Etl" Source to target mapping problems?

It's one of the integration problems that most of the big palyers in the industry have pretty much left untouched, Anyone working in the data integration / data warehousing industy understands that when you build a data warehouse, you have to create these complex pre-ETL source mappings before the ETL developers start work. The way most organizations do this is with spreadsheets. Every organization has an exorbitant amount of spreadsheets that they use to document this stuff. Once they've handed themoff to the ETL developers, they're never maintained. 

Using spreadsheets is definitively non-authoritative: source mappings change as you design and test your ETL jobs. A spreadsheet that once functioned as the single or authoritative catalog of all source mappings might not get updated -- or (just as likely) might get updated with incorrect or incomplete information -- as the ETL design process evolves.

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Comment by Sean Flanigan on April 25, 2013 at 5:28pm
I have experienced that there are some ETL outfits that keep their stuff up to date because it is in a compact scripting format rather than relying on the GUI as the bringer of all knowledge.

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