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How Fairmont Raffles Increased Their PPC ROI by 127% Using Only Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool for companies to take action on their web analytics data but some organisations are still struggling to know how to use it to optimise revenue.

In this presentation Barbara Pezzi, Analytics of Revenue & Search Optimisation at Fairmont Raffles Hotels, shares her expert insights on how you can:

  • Measure the success of your campaigns using ROI aligned with your revenue goals, not intangible clicks, likes or shares
  • Segment your audience to get meaningful insights you can use to optimise your campaign spend and increase revenue
  • Compare CPC between campaigns to optimise and improve profitability
  • Use social media metrics to be able to show senior management the direct correlation between your social media efforts and sales
  • Use customised multi-channel funnels on GA to see how effective your marketing channels are, instead of using last click attribution

You can access the presentation here -

Please feel free to comment on how your organisation is using Google Analytics to take advantage of your data and increase revenue.

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