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The SAS BI web clients each have their own link (or URL).  When working across many customer sites or even just using my own demo sites –  there can be a lot of links to track (BI Dashboard, Portal, WRS, etc). Certainly I can add bookmarks to my browser –  but when moving to different systems I found it’s easier to just have a little .HTML file that I can edit as needed.

Set Your BI Toolset Quick Ref Bookmark

If you are not sure what I’m trying to describe –  the following page shows an example. It’s really just a simple web page that has the links to the SAS BI Web Clients listed.  In this example –  the customer had two different servers –   Development and Production. Using this quick reference, I can edit the HTML file to match the system I’m using, open the page in the browser, click on the link and it starts the client I want.

To make this web page easier to access – I set it as a default so it appears when I start Internet Explorer.  You can set your default home page in the Tools > Internet Options window.  [Other browsers have similar settings - just check the Help file.]

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