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IBM Wilhelmina (willing to protect) is a challenge to IBMers from Street Learnsters - individuals committed to improving learning capacity using all methodologies regardless of prior shortcomings. The challenge is not to create Wilhelmina but to continue the efforts that emphasize the presence of a attitude and commitment willing to protect everyone. Naturally, a bold declaration will have to compliment what IBM currently do today and what the Smarter Planet initiative will require tomorrow. Today, there are numerous evolving threat landscapes that demands smarter and more responsive managed security platforms and network. IBM Managed Security Services offer the industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to secure your information assets 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources. Furthermore, with major security breaches and fraud incidents making international headlines, organizations are taking steps to address the growing problems of advanced persistent threats, fraud, and insider attacks. For instance, it’s been reported that some Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) personnel, sold hundreds of thousands MN Department of Motor Vehicle driver records to Marketing firms seeking to improve content accumulation analytics. Although full details were not exposed, in the predictive analytics industry, it’s no secret that this types of insider threats are extremely common and profitable for government personnel assumed to be trustworthy because of some obsolete clearance or background check. Now is the time for these government agencies to get some help and stop assuming they can handle these threats with internal staff. Read any of the following books to learn more about these problematic issues.

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