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IDC Report: Analytics for Driving Business Process Improvement

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Dear Analytic Professionals:

There is no longer a question about the importance of analytics -- the real question is why you haven’t implemented analytics to drive your business performance. Download IDC Whitepaper: Analytics for Driving Business Process Improvement by Dan Vesset, Program Vice President, Business Analytics.

The ability to harness information in the enterprise will be a key differentiator for organizations in the next five years.

As you explore the IDC Report, you’ll gain an understanding of the critical insight that Dan Vesset provides on some of the pressing questions facing organizations today:

  • What are the benefits of a discovery-based audit analytics solution?
  • Are there potential pitfalls of implementing such a solution?
  • How can this type of solution improve overall business effectiveness?
  • What are the criteria required when implementing such a solution?
  • Which companies benefit from this type of solution, and where does it fit best within the organization?

It is duly noted in this report that the greatest operational gains come as an organization shifts the point of analysis closer to the business process where action can be taken rapidly when there is an exception in an otherwise automated process.

Consider making these a priority in your own organization:

  • Empower your employees with the right tools to conduct analytics
  • Shift the power to the business for the greatest operational gains
  • Make analytics a key component to your culture

If you are interested in exchanging ideas with other analytic professionals, come join Lavastorm Analytics Community Group, one of the fastest-growing analytic groups on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the hottest trends in analytics today.

I hope you enjoy the IDC Whitepaper: Analytics for Driving Business Process Improvement by Dan Vesset. To read more analyst reports and whitepapers, visit Lavastorm's Resource Center.

Best Regards,

Nancy J. Byrne
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
[email protected] 

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