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In front of Social Media, did enterprises have choices?

The enterprises have digital relationships with their customers since long time. The first commercial Internet sites date back 1990, in parallel first emails inter-companies communications have been established, first e-mailings, first public forums etc.  A little later appeared personal sites, blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, content sites sharing (text, video, ...), social networks,  exchange sites on products or services and all other means that make up the social media world. (See the Social Media Landscape view:

So companies are already using more or less social media to communicate and they like it or not, they are faced with social media activities of their customers, prospects, partners and competitors. But does this mean that as uses of social media are growing strongly, enterprises have to revolutionize their marketing scheme?

However many companies are already moving, they hope probably with this new channel increase their income, reduce their marketing costs and increase customer satisfaction. Though did all companies have to get started? If so, how much they should invest in the various possible domains of social media activities in the web? Specifically what resources do they devote to publications (blog, wiki, micro-blog - twitter, ...), discussions (forums, ...), content sites (slide share, you tube, ...), to sharing sites and product recommendations, to large public networks like Facebook or professional LinkedIn, and finally to specialized communities that exist devoted to certain themes, products or businesses?

In conclusion, face to social media what a company can do? Do nothing (strategy of the ostrich). Do as their competitors (me too strategy).  Looks for useful information on social media, in order to identify opportunities and risks, and set their level of engagement (strategic intelligence). If they choose to invest in some Social Media actions, sooner or later they will have to deal with Big Data, and that will be a really big challenge for their business intelligence experts and their IT infrastructure.


In order to go further on strategic choices regarding investment on social media you could look at the following link:


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