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Inference for R version 3.5: Inference in PowerPoint Makes its Debut

I am happy to announce the release of Inference for R version 3.5. This is a significant release for Inference that includes several major features requested by users:

• Inference in PowerPoint: Embed and run R code in PowerPoint presentations just as you can in Word and Excel.

• Run-in-Place: Execute R code inside of an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document and see the code results immediately in the same document – “preview” how your document will execute without having to execute to a separate Results Document.

• Execute as Blog Posting: Take any Inference in Word 2007 document and generate a results document in the Microsoft Word 2007 Blog Post format – you can now easily blog about your R code and results. Office 2007 only.

• Copy and Paste code blocks and expressions between documents.

• The order of expressions can now be changed.

• The built-in Inference R functions are now included in the Object Browser.

• Removed dependence on XML and StatDataML R packages – you no longer have to have those packages installed to use Inference for R.

• Inference now installs in a single installation folder selected by the user during installation.

As always, you can follow the Inference for R blog ( to get the latest Inference for R news and tips.

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