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Word is Spreading

The word about the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) is starting to circle the globe. Check out this entry by the writers at Statisfaction, a blog written by doctoral students and post-docs at the Université Paris-Dauphine.

If your company or organization has a blog we encourage you to write about Statistics2013. Send the link to [email protected] so we can post it to the public website.

Participation Continues to Grow

Many companies are joining the International Year of Statistics as participating organizations every week. The latest is Intel, which joined last week. To see a complete list of participating organizations, including companies, colleges and universities, professional societies, national statistical agencies, primary and secondary schools, research institutes, go here.  The total number of participating organizations as of November 19 is 1,186.  (About 12% of these are businesses.)

Biometrics to Feature Statistics2013

Biometrics magazine, a publication of the International Biometric Society (IBS), will be showcasing Statistics2013 throughout the coming year. Here are some of the things it already has done and will be doing:

  • The Statistics2013 logo is posted on its website for authors and will be adding a link and a news item about Biometrics-related Statistics 2013 activities at the beginning of the year.
  • The magazine’s publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, will be displaying the Statistics2013 logo on Biometric’s Online Library website and promoting the event extensively, including:
    • Creating a special, free online Statistics2013 "virtual journal issue" featuring top-cited or accessed articles from all journals in its statistics portfolio (including the Royal Statistical Society journals, BiometricsStatistics in Medicine, and others); Biometrics has contributed three articles to this special section.
    • The magazine’s co-editors have created a special online "virtual issue" featuring all the papers that have won the "Best Paper by an IBS Member" Award since its inception plus two to three of the most highly cited papers from Biometrics over the past decade. (Both virtual issues are expected to be available online in early 2013 and will be accessible the entire year.)
    • The cover of the print version of Biometrics will include the Statistics2013 logo during the next year.
    • Executive Editor Marie Davidian will highlight all these items in her next column for the Biometric Bulletin.

Kudos to IBS and Biometrics for their commitment to Statistics2013!

Tell us about your organization’s plans and activities for promoting and celebrating the International Year of Statistics. E-mail the information to [email protected] and we’ll post it to the Statistics2013 website and share your stories with other participating organizations through this twice-monthly newsletter.

Uganda Statistical Society Organizing Seminars for 2013

The Uganda Statistical Society ( has scheduled monthly seminars for Statistics2013. On 14 January 2013 it plans a symposium on statistical and other research methods. ASA Executive Director Ron Wasserstein will be a plenary speaker.

NCHS Promoting Statistics2013

The National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has posted the International Year of Statistics logo on its website.  It joins the Bureau of Economic AnalysisNational Center for Education StatisticsBureau of Labor Statistics and National Center for Health Statistics as U.S. government statistical agencies that are promoting Statistics2013 through their websites.

Thank you to the NCHS leadership for helping to spread the word about the International Year of Statistics to the public, their internal audiences and the agency’s key stakeholders.

AWIS on Board Preparing for 2013

The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) is busily preparing for the International Year of Statistics. The organization has named American Statistical Association Fellow and AWIS member Lee-Ann Hayek as its Statistics2013 spokesperson, is creating an area on its website dedicated to the celebration and is developing a series of profiles of women in statistics it will highlight on its website as well as at Additionally, Hayek is preparing a STEMiNAR, or webinar, on careers in statistics for women that it will share with us. Kudos to AWIS and Hayek for their outstanding commitment to Statistics2013! 

African University Seeking Collaborative Partner

The Department of Statistics at Arba Minch University in Ethiopia is seeking a partner to help it participate in Statistics2013. It is planning to celebrate and promote the International Year of Statistics by working to achieve these goals:

  • Increasing public awareness about the use and application of statistics to solve different problems of society.
  • Organizing a panel discussion with other institutions and fellow practitioners focused on how to bridge the gap of understanding about statistics.
  • Providing training on the application of statistical software to research organizations and the various colleges within the university and around the country.
  • Collaborating with the International Year of Statistics 2013 Steering Committee to share its experience with the world.


Specifically, it is seeking to work cooperatively with statistical associations and other interested groups that will help the department achieve its previously noted goals. To lend your organization’s assistance, please e-mail Tilahun Ferede Asena, lecturer of statistics, at[email protected].

Help Make Statistics2013 Website Global

The International Year of Statistics Steering Committee is seeking content contributions in several subject areas from participating organizations for the Statistics2013 public website. Those areas and a brief explanation of each are: 
1.       Statistic of the Day—A series of four or five brief, informative statistical facts about your country, for example, its population, economy and education system; the health of its citizens; and similar social, economic, government and other relevant topics. 
2.       Around the World in Statistics—A short 150 to 200 word article about how statistics makes life better for the people of your country.
3.       Statistician Job of the Week—A short 150 to 250 word article written by one of your organization’s members talking about his/her job as a statistician and how he/she is contributing to improving our global society.
4.       Statistics in Action—A photo with a brief caption that shows how statistics improves the quality of life of your country’s people.
5.       Careers Information—The hyperlink to the statistics career information that is posted on your organization’s website.
6.       Educational Resources—The hyperlink to the primary and secondary school statistics education resources that are posted on your organization’s website.
Your contributions will help make the International Year of Statistics website a worldwide representation of the reach and impact of statistics. The Statistics2013 public website will be launched soon, so send us your content or links as soon as possible.
To contribute, email the items to [email protected].

Statistics Cloud Image Available

We have posted the popular statistics cloud artwork (the graphic with the word “statistics” in various languages) online at where you can download and use it in your promotional materials.

You could use it on your website, on printed materials and banners to name a few ideas. Get creative and share your ideas with us at [email protected]. We will pass them on to the nearly 1,200 other participating organizations around the world.

To access and download the graphic go here.

New Language-Specific Logos Available

The Statistics2013 logo is now available in 17 languages and we can create new ones if you need one. To have a version of the Statistics2013 logo created in your country’s language, please e-mail the following information to [email protected]:

  1. The interpretation of “International Year of Statistics” in the appropriate font in this format: International Year of Statistics=“The interpreted phrase”
  2. The interpretation of “Participating Organization” in the appropriate font in this format: Participating Organization=“The interpreted phrase”
  3. A high-resolution PDF document or a .tif file of the interpretations of the “International Year of Statistics” and “Participating Organization”. (This file will be used to compare against the font to ensure it was transmitted properly. If it doesn't compare accurately, we will use the image of the interpretations from the PDF or .tif in the logo instead. This step will ensure accuracy of your custom logo.) 

Once your language-specific logo is created it will be posted to the Statistics2013 website here and we will send you an email to let you know the logo is available for download.

Share Your Logo with Us

If you already have created a version of the Statistics2013 logo in your country’s language, please e-mail a jpg file to [email protected] and we’ll post it to the website so others can use it.

Follow Statistics2013 on Twitter

Get the latest International Year of Statistics news and updates by following us on Twitter @Statistics2013. Also, use Twitter to spread the word about Statistics2013. Be sure to use the hashtag #STATS2013 when you send a tweet.


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