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Kydland & Prescott - The Original (for me) "Dynamic Optimal Taxation"

I remember my Professor giving me a photocopy of this [1st reference below] (cf also what is known as K&P '1982'] & I went and sat down in an empty 'Adam Smith' library and read it; it was hot and sunny outside & I did not make sense of one single word, there was alot of that going on that year (1985) but I read it again & made notes in pencil on a pad of accounting paper I remember (vividly); then I went to the park (Glasgow is full of Victorian Parks, its nickname is 'the Dear Green place' {that's its Gaidhlig monicker}) anyway in the park I rolled myself a cigarette & suddenly K&P began to make so much sense; RE in a theory of Games .... its a model which has stayed with me & influenced me all of my life .. I can just about hear The Beatles 'White Album'; here are some references to K&P; RE in Games & other stuff ...


Dynamic Optimal Taxation :

K&P's Nobel Citation :

My LI list on the S&S Nobel :

My 'pornography' list on G+ :

a 'Political Economics' blueprint :

that professor :

'The Player of Games' by Iain M Banks :

my new 'I'm comin 2 get you' blog on asymptotix :

as my Professor used to say

'... it makes the life easy ...'

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