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Lavastorm Analytics Automates Advertising Data Management Processes for Nexage

Lavastorm Platform Corrals Disparate Data for Enhanced Efficiency and Streamlined Correlation Process

Lavastorm Analytics, a global business performance analytics company, has been chosen by Nexage, a leading mobile advertising exchange, to enhance the effectiveness of Nexage’s mobile advertising data aggregation process. The Lavastorm Analytics Platform allows Nexage to correlate and analyze inventory to enhance how Nexage enables its buyers—such as ad networks, demand side platform (DSP), and real-time buyers—to plan for and execute mobile advertising campaigns.

As the leading exchange in mobile advertising, Nexage organizes and merchandizes advertising inventory from publishers to provide ad buyers the information they need to support media planning and campaign operations. The information provided to ad buyers includes metrics such as total available ad space and inventory availability by content type (e.g., mobile web and application), operating system, media type (e.g., rich media ad units), and audience characteristics (e.g., demographics, psychographics, location, and device ID-enabled impressions). The ability to organize and present audience is a critical lever to drive liquidity to the benefit of buyer and seller alike.

Nexage uses Lavastorm to correlate and help analyze publisher-provided data and dynamic data from the Nexage Exchange itself. In this way, Nexage capitalizes on the Lavastorm Analytic Platform’s highly adaptive and visual interface to see, understand, and manage large and disparate data at the atomic level.

“As an exchange, Nexage creates value to our publishers and buyers by continuously providing visibility into our inventory; that visibility promotes our publishers’ mobile assets and enables our buyers to plan and execute spend to best meet their campaign needs,” said Victor Milligan, CMO of Nexage. “With Lavastorm, we are able to drive this value while gaining important efficiencies.”

“In the age of Big Data, choosing the right analytics platform is the difference between drowning and surfing,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm Analytics. “With the Lavastorm Analytic Platform, advertising exchanges like Nexage are able to harness the power of their data and use it to propel their businesses forward by finding new insights and delivering innovative new services to their customers.”

For more information about Lavastorm Analytics’ products and services and the Lavastorm Analytic Platform, visit, follow us on Twitter, or join the business analytics conversation on LinkedIn.

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About Lavastorm Analytics

Lavastorm Analytics is a global business performance analytics company that enables companies to analyze, optimize, and control the performance of their business processes. Using next-generation data discovery analytics tools and methodologies, the Lavastorm Analytics Platform reaches across siloed data sets to analyze processes, find defects, and build controls to ensure that complex financial, operational, and customer experience processes perform in an optimized way. The visual, step-by-step interface enables deep analytic design at a granular data and business process level, increasing business decision makers’ self-sufficiency and confidence, delivering rapid financial business value. Lavastorm Analytics’ solutions are used by thousands of business and IT professionals on six continents and are applicable in almost any industry, including communications, financial services, insurance, utilities, and healthcare.

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About Nexage

Nexage is the leading mobile advertising exchange, connecting over 300 publishers and developers with over 150 demand sources. The Nexage Exchange, powered by Nexage’s innovative integrated RTB and mediation platform, is the market’s most advanced and complete exchange. As part ofNexage Exchange, RTB has scaled and continues to grow more than 77% per month, creating the largest and fastest growing RTB-driven mobile exchange. The Nexage Exchange delivers both public and private exchanges to enable buyers and sellers to benefit from a vibrant, highly liquid market with the associated controls so that both buyers and sellers grow their respective businesses as they want. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.

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