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I have been involved in teaching Data Science for a few years now (Oxford University - Data Science for Internet of Things and also online). Over the years, I have tried to improve my teaching .. and adopt ideas from other domains into my teaching

One such technique is Deliberate practice a technique which probably originated in the former Soviet Union to train world class athletes. Deliberate practise is also used in learning complex skills like playing the violin – which require mastering many small steps and then putting the steps together in a complex whole (like a violin concert)

There are essentially six steps to Deliberate practice

  • Get motivated
  • Set specific, realistic goals
  • Break out of your comfort zone
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Seek feedback
  • Take time to recover

So, the question is: Can we apply deliberate practice to learning coding for AI? To try this, we work in small sections of code which you should master bit by bit. We divide the code into four sections:

  • Pandas, NumPy and MathPlotLib
  • Data manipulation and feature engineering
  • Machine Learning models and validation·
  • Deep learning

Each of these topics is divided into detail (subtopics) as below.

Read full article by Ajit Joakar, here

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