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For background to this post, please see Learn Machine Learning Coding Basics in a weekend. Here,we present the glossary that we use for the coding and the mindmap attached to these classes and upcoming book. About 80 terms are included in the glossary, covering Ensembles, Regression, Classification, Algorithms, Training, Validation, Model Evaluation and more. For instance, the section about Classification contains the following entries:

  • Class 
  • Hyperplane 
  • Decision Boundary 
  • False Negative (FN) 
  • False Positive (FP) 
  • True Negative (TN) 
  • True Positive (TP) 
  • Precision 
  • Recall 
  • F1 Score 
  • Few-Shot Learning 
  • Hinge Loss 
  • Log Loss 

To download the glossary, follow this link

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