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How do you motivate someone to create something that disrupts the paradigm and rewrites the rules? Do you say, “Give me something disruptive and I will pay you ten times your salary“. No. Disruption or innovation happens only under two situations:

  1. If our survival is challenged by nature, we innovate to survive. This has been the story of human history from the day we started walking this earth.
  2. Or, if our egos are challenged. This is probably why extreme sports is a cradle for so many innovations.

The first one is a challenge posed by nature so we can’t do much about that one! But the second one can be influenced by us. What’s amazing is that the harder the challenge, the greater the skills of the people you challenge and hence attract. This, in my opinion, is the reason crowdsourcing platforms will become the place where true disruptive innovation happens and happens on a regular basis. Crowdsourcing provides a way of openly challenging everyone with internet access without discriminating based on skills, background or experience.

We hope to post similar challenges on CrowdANALYTIX, our crowdsourcing platform for data analytics, and are certain of becoming the place where new and innovative ways of leveraging data to generate business value are found.

Organizations looking to innovate can leverage these platforms while simultaneously focusing on running their core business efficiently.

Organizations that will leverage the crowd for their disruptive innovation needs will be more successful over the next decade since they will take lesser risks than their rivals who try to innovate in-house. What makes it totally risk-free is that you get a solution to a difficult problem without having to commit any resources until you actually get the results! This was very difficult to achieve before the advent of crowdsourcing.

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