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India has a huge mobile revolution and for so many years the game has been only about “acquisition”. We now have quite a few new entrants. Do Co Mo has just launched with its 1 sec pulse strategy which will probably further drive down industry revenues by 10-15 % if others also adopt it. And to top it all one may even see “Number portability” in the near future in the Indian Telecom business.

So the need to “protect revenue” is probably more real than ever before in this industry.

Rajesh Jain has an interesting take on this:

Here is what he says…

”So, what should be the entry strategy for a new mobile operator in a saturated circle (near 100% penetration) like Mumbai? This effectively means that instead of trying to attract new users the focus has to be on switching users.” He goes on to add “New operators tend to either talk of network or try and come out with aggressive voice plans. I think the network quality is a given - all seem to be the same. Voice plans typically tend to attract the lower segment.”

I read this article on the following blog:

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