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Making your Analytic project an end product

I read about this from some other source (which I forgot) and would like to attribute this idea to the original author. As an industry practitioner, I do not feel ashamed of copying people's idea at work.

The subject is indeed a challenge for us as an Anlaytics geeks. You (our internal client) came with a problem and we solved your problem, period. No, the best solution is to be able to sell your analytic project that can benefit your internal client's client.

ANZ, an Australian bank, has been using survey data to gain the insight to the client's future growth plan.---(key word: Business Outlook)

HSBC, the UK bank, is looking into the merchandise export/import data to draw insight.--- ( Keyword: Global Connections)

In the Commercial banking arena of Asia Pacific, we are seeing more players to develop their transaction banking/small-to-medium enterprise banking using Big Data - aggregating individual client data to understand the overall market or forecasting the macro pictures to understand the individual client.

If you are working in a corporation, somewhere down the road, your banker may be able to give you benchmark services against your competitors. The inevitable truth is that the banks are collecting corporate data, which is increasingly giving them more advantage to know about the overall supply-chain dynamics.

All these coming back to the original thinking: if you can extend your project to benefit the ultimate client, your project will have more resources to grow. So, don't whine about your project being killed, save yourself by being part of the sales-team.

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