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Microsoft General Counsel and EVP, Brad Smith, Complains About How Hard it is to Find Analytic Talent

The complaint is also about the fact that Microsoft, located in Redmond, Washington, can't find local candidates and has to hire candidates from out-of-state (and I guess, from out-of-country), to fill big data, IT, data scientist and engineering positions. There was a long article today in the Seattle Times about how terrible Washington State is - according to Brad Smith - in terms of educating its citizens. Indeed, Washington State ranks 46 among all states in terms of the proportion of residents attending college: it's just as bad as Alabama or Mississippi.

Now here is my rebuttal to this claim:

  • Microsoft is very picky when selecting new hires. Liberal, innovative people, creators, entrepreneurs, people who are not ex-Microsoft employees or consultants, are not welcome. And who would want to work for a dinosaur anyway, unless you are a dinosaur? They are incredibly concerned about security, to the point of being paranoid. 
  • They'd rather have highly qualified people living 10 miles away from their headquarters, work for competitors (Google) rather than for them - despite losing billions of dollars each year in their ad platform / search engine (which in turn makes potential hires worried about working for Indeed, their hiring process is so bad that they might not be aware that the perfect candidate is just in their backyard. When you try to contact them, it looks like interacting with a black hole. Local candidates with substantial experience and success don't even have the chance to get a phone interview. Their career center, where you can submit your resume, is a black hole. After a while, stellar applicants just abandon the idea of working for MSFT. 
  • They want the state of Washington to spend more money in educating local residents, when indeed this will lead to even more "educated and unemployed", who have to pay back student loans but have no money.

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