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The current structure of the business world is quite competitive; enterprises need to enhance their mind-sets, tools, objectives and approaches. Vast amount of data flows into organizations from various sources. Since majority of the organizations are stuck with old mindsets and cannot extract valuable data from signals, majority of the institutional data is discarded and cannot be monetized. “Profit maximization” is always expected to be the key concentration of companies: lower costs,  higher customer satisfaction, bigger market share and threat avoidance.

The “Data Explosion” which surrounds companies is originated from numerous sources: web, electronic trade, client events,  software interactions, logs and sensor signals. In usual these are tremendously valuable by nature, because of the inclusion of hidden indicators of opportunities and threats. Analyzing past data for future strategies involves the risks of opacity, improbability, inconsistency, to get the most out of such critical data requires instant analysis, filtering, pattern recognition and instant response according to historic & instant data; namely “complex event processing (CEP)” approach. Enterprises that ignore CEP concept in such a dynamic business-world are expected to loose their position within the market by the authorities.

Intellica’s EVAM tool is established on the concept of Complex Event Processing and extends institutional capabilities as never experienced before by the help of its high-end capabilities: high customization flexibility, optimal response-set determination, real time decision mechanisms, basket analysis, churn analysis, preference analysis, trend analysis, context analysis, cross-sell, up-sell, prediction and encouragement. Evam helps institutions to get higher benefits by real-time, optimal and beneficial responses. Users can design, deploy, monitor, evaluate and optimize scenarios and interactions with EVAM.  A detailed infrastructure for any reporting platform is provided as well thanks to its high-end logging capabilities.

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