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Monitoring Financial Stability in a Complex World

Monitoring Financial Stability in a Complex World

Mark D. Flood Allan

Office of Financial Research

I. Mendelowitz

Committee to Establish the Office of Financial Research

William Nichols 
National Institute of Finance

Version 10 / January 19, 2012

Copyright 2012, M. Flood, A. Mendelowitz and W. Nichols


We offer a tour d’horizon of the data management issues facing macroprudential supervisors. Traditional financial oversight has been very firm-centric, with strong respect for the boundaries of the firm. Even in this firm-oriented context, financial information has been expanding much faster than traditional technologies can track. As we broaden to a macroprudential perspective, the problem becomes both quantitatively and qualitatively different. Supervisors should prepare for new ways of thinking, and larger volumes of data.

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