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Contextual Realtime Relation Management

Traditional marketing methods (mass mailing, mass communication, segmentation, etc.) are out of date because of the low positive response rates. Customers are not interested in getting offers if it is not personalized and not in relevant time. Companies creates insensitive customers with inappropriate CRM strategies or/and tools.

With our EVAM (Event&Action Manager) solutions we bring new marketing approach that based on three main concepts for;
- Real time
- Event Driven
- Contextual

It’s about understanding not just who someone is but where they are, what they are doing, and what they are likely to do next. It’s about leveraging as much information as you can about a customer and the context to deliver the best message/offer at the precise moment it offers the most value.

The real value of contextual marketing is a high degree of personalization, which results from specific, more targeted and relevant customer communications.

EVAM brings two main outcome with this approach;
- Better customer experiences
- Better financial results

EVAM will help to companies to build not CRM but CRRM (Contextual Realtime Relation Management).

Please visit for more information about EVAM.

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