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I am pleased to announce my new book on social media analytics. The book offers concepts, tools, tutorials, and cases studies to understand and analyze the seven layers of social media data, including text, actions, networks, apps, hyperlinks, search engine, and location layers. It is non-technical in nature best suited for business (and information systems) students, professors, and manager. 

Here is how the book is structured:


Chapter 1: The Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics

Chapter 2: Understanding Social Media

Chapter 3: Social Media Text Analytics

Chapter 4: Social Media Network Analytics

Chapter 5: Social Media Actions Analytics

Chapter 6: Social Media Apps Analytics

Chapter 7: Social Media Hyperlinks Analytics

Chapter 8: Social Media Location Analytics

Chapter 9: Social Media Search Engine Analytics

Chapter 10: Aligning Social Media Analytics with Business Goals


The book also comes with a companion site ( which offers Updated Tutorials, Power-Point Slide, Case Studies, Sample Data, and Syllabus.

It is available through Amazon Store and CreateSpace Store. 

Thank you

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