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New MSc Programs Launched: MSc Applied Econometrics

Course Title
MSc Applied Econometrics

Course Teaser
MSc Econometrics is the New Degree level program which is offered Online. It is one and unique in its nature and no other institute has offered such a course online. Students will develop practical skills leading them to apply the skills in their life, business and industry. Main courses include:

Advanced Microeconomics
Advanced Macroeconomics
Calculus for Economic Analysis
Quantitative Methods
Applied Statistics
Advanced Econometrics
Advanced Time Series Analysis
Financial Econometrics
Advanced Course in Panel Data Analysis
Mixed/Multilevel Modelling
Sessions on Stata, Matlab, R, Eviews for Econometrics

Course Description
The course has been designed for those students who want to learn Economic Analysis and want to apply their Analytical skills for their professional and personal growth. The objective of the course is the develop strong quantitative skills for practicing Economics in the real world. The objective will be achieved by providing practical training viz-a-viz sound theoretical training. The course is totally delivered online and all assessment is made via Research Contribution in terms of Coursework, Research Publication and Lab Demonstration which indicates soundness of the key skills application and developed during the course.

Course Details
Students are required to enroll for the course on All students will be provided copies of All the related text and reference eBooks, Original and Personal Copies of Matlab, Stata and Eviews and Open Source Econometrics program, R.

Bachelor Degree in Economics, Statistics or Mathematics

The course is divided into Four Semester.

Semester One (S1):
S11. Advanced Microeconomics
S12.Advanced Macroeconomics
S13.Calculus for Economic Analysis
Semester Two(S2):
S21. Quantitative Methods
S22. Applied Statistics
S23. Advanced Econometrics
Semester Three(S3):
S31. Advanced Time Series Analysis
S32. Financial Econometrics
Semester Four(S4):
S41. Advanced Course in Panel Data Analysis
S42. Mixed/Multilevel Modelling

The Data Analysis examples are based on Sessions on Stata, Matlab, R, Eviews for Econometrics.

50% Fee Scholarship is available for Students with Marks above 70% in Bachelor degree.

£5000 as Tuition Fee to Paid Per Year (Fully Refundable within First 4 Weeks)+£500 Registration Fee (Non-refundable). Registration fee is a One Off Fee to be charged at the start each semester..

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Comment by Muhammad Anees on June 24, 2012 at 11:04am

As stated, the program is newly launched and more courses will be added as and when new faculty in their respective fields of expertise are available. I have many other courses on list and we well offer a course as and when it is possible. The program is being planned to launch this September.

Comment by Subhrodip Sengupta on June 24, 2012 at 10:30am

Two things is missing, pardon me... I have seen it lacking  elsewhere.

1. Mathematical Probaility: A rigourous no-nonsense appriach to measure theoritic probability and introduction to stochastic processes.

2. Followed by a supplementary course on Empirics(IO, preferably): Design of empirical strategy based on paper to paper study , as well as some papers on how to design Iterative algorithms using information about model error terms. Can a course specialising in econometrics be complete without these two essential research tools? The student may be asked to submit a research proposal which would be used to grasp his thinking, and his absorption of techniques)

Well there could be some optional corses on design of experiments as well.

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