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Turning Data into Social Good - 3 Talks to Livestream today

Among many inspiring talks at the Social Good Summit in NYC today, several will focus on the crucial theme of Data and Social Good.  If you have a moment and are interested in the growth of data-driven social good, I recommend tuning into the livestream here at the following times:

  • 12:27 PM EDT: “#Big Data in the Era of #SocialGood

    featuring: Carlo Ratti
    / Architect/Engineer

  • Elaine Weidman-Grunewald/ Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (CR) , Ericsson

    Robert Kirkpatrick/ Director , Global Pulse

    Robyn Peterson/ Chief Technology Officer , Mashable

  • 3:30PM EDT: Making the invisible visible. Using innovation to #ENDViolence Against Children 

    Anthony Lake / Executive Director, UNICEF

    Haroon Mokhtarzada / CEO & Founder, Freewebs

    Ishmael Beah / Author, Advocate for Children Affected, UNICEF

    Jimmie Briggs / Journalist and Educatior

    Rebecca Chiao / Co-Founder and Director, HarassMap

  • 5:45PM - #Unplug & Look Up: Re-examining our Future Relationship with Technology

    Baratunde Thurston / Comedian/ Author and Co-Founder of Cultivated Wit

    Jacob Park / Principal Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

    Megan Kashner / CEO & Founder, Benevolent

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