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Pentaho Announces Extreme Scale In-Memory Analytics

Users can now analyze big data with speed-of-thought performance and high availability

TDWI World - Orlando, Fla. — 31, 2011 — Pentaho Corporation, the business analytics company providing power for technologists and rapid insight for users, today announced the latest release of Pentaho Business Analytics including major improvements to data analysis performance, scalability and reliability with support for cloud-scale distributed in-memory caching systems, new performance tuning aids, and support for analysis of more big data sources. These new capabilities are available today in the latest release of Pentaho Business Analytics, with the new product name representing Pentaho’s comprehensive and integrated business intelligence, data integration, data mining and predictive analytics capabilities.

This release provides the benefits of an in-memory solution without the limitations of an in-memory only architecture. Now, business users experience in-memory performance while IT gets a sound, scalable and manageable analytics platforms built on proven data warehousing and BI best practices. New features include:

  • In-memory analytics– Pentaho’s data analysis capability now supports Infinispan/JBoss Enterprise Data Grid and Memcached, with the option of extending to other in-memory cache systems. Infinispan and Memcached can cache terabytes of data distributed across multiple nodes, as well as maintain in-memory copies of data across nodes for high availability and failover. Using these in-memory caching systems results in more insight through predictable speed-of-thought access to vast in-memory datasets.
  • In-memory aggregation– granular data can now be rolled-up to higher-level summaries entirely in-memory, reducing the need to send new queries to the database, resulting in even faster performance for a wide range of analytic queries.
  • New analytic data sources– adding to Pentaho’s unmatched list of native big data platform support, native SQL generation is now supported for the EMC Greenplum Database and the Apache Hive data warehouse system for Hadoop.  This optimizes interactive data exploration performance when using Greenplum, and for Hive this makes it possible to design analytic reports offline then schedule them for background execution.

“The new release of Pentaho Business Analytics includes extreme-scale in-memory analytics to lift the performance versus scalability trade-off constraints of traditional data analysis solutions, said Richard Daley, founder and chief strategy officer, Pentaho.  “Unlike the limited and proprietary in-memory analytics solutions from other BI vendors, Pentaho is powering its in-memory analytics using the same proven industry standard in-memory technology that powers many of the world’s most popular and scalable web applications.”

We have operational metrics for six different businesses running in each of our senior care facilities that need to be retrieved and accessed everyday by our corporate management, the individual facilities managers, as well as the line of business managers in a matter of seconds. Technologies like the data discovery, visualization and analysis available with Pentaho Business Analytics make it possible for StoneGate Senior Living to gather and assimilate data from seven different software systems to make this possible,” said Brandon Jackson, director of analytics and finance, StoneGate Senior Living LLC. “Now, with the high performance in-memory analysis capabilities in the latest release of Pentaho Business Analytics, we can be more aggressive in rollouts – adding more metrics to dashboards, giving dashboards and data analysis capabilities to more users, and see greater usage rates and more adoption of business analytics solutions.”

Download the latest release of Pentaho including in-memory analytics capabilities

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