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After the dot-com bubble burst, all businesses were forced to operate even leaner, faster, and smarter than ever before. Today, all businesses must focus on fundamental strengths and bottom-line results. Operational excellence forms the straightest path to use these strengths to drive results. The professionals in Business Intelligence and Analytics work continue to face challenges with client companies to conduct unique assessments, which are tailored to each client’s situation, that identify potential areas of performance improvement in the nuts and bolts of their business infrastructure. Ideally, these assessments result in a presentation of  focused observations and recommendations for action that will lead to successful solutions.  Clearly, this is not possible in a one size fit all approach. In addition, this is not possible using merely a top-down methodology. In other words, a 720 degree approach is necessary. Basically, 360 degree internal review and 360 degree external. The challenge is to leverage the best practices as defined within literature including the following;

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