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Personal Advice from REvolution Computing to ME!

I wonder (I know it's a little self obsessed) but I just wonder if this blog entry on the the REvolution Computing blog "REvolutions" is not personal advice, narrowcasted to ME!?

You know that feeling you get when you are in a crowd and a speaker makes a point which you feel cannot be anything but personally directed at YOU! Or when you are at a concert and you feel the lead vocalist is singing to you!!

Ususally that psychological interpretation is just a strong recognition of the general applicability of the point the speaker or singer is making and I think that is true in the case of this piece of advice from David Smith of REvolution Computing who seems to have methodically solved a confusion of mine which has existed for a number of years.

Something which I know that not only me but a bunch of my colleagues will find most useful. You know who you are ! The blog entry is below;-

Why you shouldn't use JPGs for quantitative charts: a case study

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