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Popularity of keyword "analytics" growing exponentially, topping by far "cloud computing"

Source: Google Keyword Trends

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data mining 
six sigma 
business intelligenc... 
cloud computing 
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Comment by Vincent Granville on December 31, 2010 at 11:00am

Note that six sigma and data mining are declining. The number of news articles / references for cloud computing is very high, almost as high as for analytics although search volume is much smaller. You could say that the ratio "news articles" per "search volume" is an indicator of hype. In other words,


hype (in a given time period) =  (number of news articles) / (Google search volume)


Ranked by "hype", the order would be:

  1. cloud computing
  2. business intelligence
  3. analytics 

"Hype" could be an indicator of the commercial value of a keyword. Lots of hype means expensive, over-priced keywords that should be avoided in pay-per-click keyword advertising campaigns.


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