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Qaeda suspect killed in Abbottabad
Daily Times - Jun 14 2004   
6 of a family buried alive in Abbottabad mud-sliding - Jan 2 2005   
25 killed, 120 injured in Abbottabad
Online - International News Network - Oct 8 2005   
Presence of H5 avian influenza confirmed in Poultry farms of Charsa...
Online - International News Network - Mar 21 2006   
Shujaat to blame for Abbottabad riots, says Iftikhar Hussain
Daily Times - Apr 13 2010   
Abbottabad -- The military town where bin Laden hid in plain sight
CNN International - May 2 2011   



It is not the first time that we hear about this city. Indeed, it started to become a popular keyword in 2010. But it truly exploded in the news only very recently (see bottom of the chart). Note that you can use this tool (Google keyword trender) to compare popularity of different types of news, e.g. tornadoes vs. bin Laden.



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Comment by Davide Imperati on May 8, 2011 at 8:17am

Nice distribution.

It looks like it is getting very popular in May/June.

I'm wondering if it correlates with some important event, recurrence or  or political transition.

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