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Predictive Analytics Summit (San Diego, 24-25 February 2011)

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Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit


Bringing forward-thinking business leaders together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark innovation in Predictive Analytics


Only the Predictive Analytics Summit brings the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the industry together in one place at one time. The Summit is known for its interactive format, encouraging audience interaction and participation.


Challenge & Opportunity


Effective analytics is central to business success. In the modern business environment technological developments and the advances of globalization have created unparalleled opportunities for businesses to expand their markets. But new opportunity has opened the door to new challenges. 


As competition intensifies, businesses have never been under as much pressure to consistently provide the products their customers want, when and where they want them. Shifting customer expectations and the increasingly global nature data and partnerships place formidable demands on planning and analysis, as the number of relevant variables balloons and the predictability of data becomes increasingly uncertain.


This summit will focus on the solutions offered by innovative analytics and business forecasting. The Summit will comprise of learning objectives, illustrated intermittently with a number of illustrative case studies:

  • Strategies to engage senior leadership around predictive analytics, as well as methods to facilitate this

  • Using predictive analytics as the vehicle to drive accountability for results

  • Learn how to optimize the role of Predictive Analytics in your company


and much more..........


Speakers Featured:

  • Anuwat Raviwongse, Director Analytics, Manpower

  • Erick Brethenoux, Director - Predictive Analytics & Decision Management, IBM

  • Arun Muthupalaniappan, Vice president Analytics, Western Union

  • Barry Spain, Senior Vice President, Risk Management, HSBC

  • CJ Rose, Senior User Behavior Director, My Space inc

  • David Frankenfield, Director Business Process, United Health Care

  • Joel Kleinman, Vice President,  Analysis Manager, Bank of the West

  • Jim Porzak, Senior Director Of Marketing Analytics,

  • Yanling Zhang, Director Of Business Intelligence, Monster Worldwide

  • Kevin Siegel, Head of Decision Sciences,  Visa

  • Matthew, Marino, Director Planning & Analysis, National Grid

  • Nathan Shomer, Director Operational Risk Management, Morgan Stanley

  • Alex Destino, Director, Web & Mobile Analytics, USAA

  • Ozgur Dogan, Vice President, Analytics, Merkle inc

  • Ramendra Sahoo, Senior Vice President, Analytics, Citi Bank

  • Scott Sokoloff, Director, Data Insights, Dominos

  • Scott Sambucci, Vice President, DataAnalytics, Altos Research

  • Sameer Chopra, Vice President, Marketing Analytics,  Orbitz Worldwide inc

  • Maneesh Rai, Director Pricing & Analytics,  VMware inc

  • Guy Higgins, Vice President, Information Systems, The Boeing Company

  • Deidre Thompson, Director Planning & Forecasting, Fedex

  • David Harkness, Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic 

  • Clint Johnson, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Zions Banccorporation

  • Vineet Singh, Chief Technologist, Business Intelligence & Optimization,  Intuit

Reserve your place now! Call (310) 933 6017

Email: [email protected]


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