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Summary:  Over the last eight years predictive analytics has become a fully mature technology with wide adoption among the largest and most successful companies.  The Advanced Analytic Platforms we have to make our work more effective and efficient also show substantial improvement.

Predictive analytics combines the core disciplines of data science to do the everyday heavy lifting of predicting consumer behavior and forecasting future values, plus a lot of other really valuable niche stuff like predictive maintenance and medical diagnoses.  That’s well over 90% of all the jobs, projects, and value creation happening in our profession.

This deeply foundational set of tools is also referred to as classical statistical data science.  Although deep learning does much the same thing it’s getting all the hype thanks to its underlying much of what is called AI these days. 

But while deep learning and AI are getting all the press, we wanted to remind everyone how successful, ubiquitous, and mature predictive analytics has become.

Click here to read this article by Bill Vorhies. 

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