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Predictive Analytics to Revitalize Stagnant European Economies

I have been watching different European statistics. For some countries these numbers are scary. 

25% of workers resident in Spain cannot afford the groceries they need to feed their families. Spain's unemployment rate may grow to 33% in 2013. The unemployment rate for people under 25 is 52%

Portugal's new budget will have steep tax increases and public sector job cuts. Lawyers and engineers are becoming farmers

Greece's unemployment is above 25%. And there are the 32 politicians who are being invested for corruption and the "Lagarde List". 

Suicide rates are increasing in all three countries.

My employer decided to try and help. I know this help is just a drop in the bucket. But maybe other vendors will find a way to help too.

75% of people in Spain are employed. There are good companies in Portugal, Spain and Greece. They are doing the best that they can.

But predictive analytics can help companies operate more effectively and efficiently. I have seen manufacturing companies achieve ROI within 2 months of purchasing statistical software. But these companies in Portugal, Spain and Greece cannot afford the software. 

So the CEO of StatSoft has decided to give away enterprise analytics for big data/predictive analytics. There is a qualification process for the free software because StatSoft wants to "produce the largest economic return, in terms of social and employment benefits". 

From StatSoft's press release on the predictive analytics software:

"StatSoft, Inc., one of the world’s largest providers of analytics software, is taking its corporate motto to a whole new level by offering STATISTICA Enterprise™ solutions (including its cutting-edge Big Data Predictive Analytics Platform) at no charge to companies in countries most affected by the European economic downturn: Greece, Portugal, and Spain."

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