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Last week while searching for a code snippet through several folders of information, I realized that the code was still on my old computer ... ugh! One of my weekend projects was to organize my code examples somewhere -  I'm going to try Evernote, which I have been using to organize other items. Evernote uses an elephant for it's mascot - because elephants never forget. That's what I need!

Easy to Organize and Find Code

Evernote uses a concept of notebooks - which allows you to organize similar information. I placed the code in a new notebook called "Code Snippets" and then tagged each entry with one of two tags: SAS BI Related and Code Example.  However, sometimes I want to find code and I'm not sure how it might be tagged. So, I just type a keyword, such as "pass" and see all entries related to the topic.

Using Evernote with SAS Code



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