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Question from an amateur to analytics professionals

I am a Ph.D in chemistry and specialist in validated bioanalytical methods and also an amateur in database analytics.

I accidentally developed a very strange theory concerning living systems.

For me there are Physical Living Organisms (PLO) (like microorganisms, plants and animals) with a genome located in their body …..and a project for life (see Prof. Jacques Monod).

On the other side there are Non Physical Living Organisms (NPLO) and because of their “living” nature they should have a delocalized genome (since they haven’t any body) ….and also a project for life.

NPLO comprises all Human Social Living Sciences (HSLS) with very small to very large databases.

Like for PLO analysis, in the future we should be able to “sequence” some HSLS’ genome or more likely get indirect information from their translation products (…the “proteins”).

This is the work we have done with all financial instruments (very rich in structured data). For that we used some Entropic Trend Indicators (ETI) tools and by looking at their values and interactions we got through some language translation a very accurate information about trend (the proteins) as a result.

You can see our financial HSLS living and delivering information on our two websites:


In the future I would like to test my algorithms in website access, and possibly advertisement and marketing analytics. Whether these tools will bring something useful for web-statistics and analytics remains questionable. Anyway it’s probably too early right for starting.


Now here comes my QUESTION:

Do you know if all access to websites are collected accurately and stored for ever safely in the cloud by some companies or institutions ?

In the future we should be able to build candlesticks from these data and therefore test our algorithms. It would be useful to confirm that some HSLS are living organisms

and can be analyzed with some entropic tools accurately like stock market data.

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