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Read below more about this disruptive technology for Big Data Analytics.

This is probably the most exciting announcement of the last months: Radoop and RapidMiner are partners now! Read below more about this disruptive technology for Big Data Analytics.


Big Data Analytics with RapidMiner and Radoop

You want Hadoop? You will love Radoop!
Hadoop has become a defacto standard for working with Big Data. The Hadoop framework supports data-intensive distributed applications which makes it an excellent tool for analyzing large data sets. In principle, Hadoop is able to work with thousands of computing nodes on petabytes of data. The problem is: the creation of those data transformation and analysis jobs means scripting, coding, hacking - which is a real pain in terms of maintenance and integration. 

Don't bother with this 90s-style of coding any longer! Radoop (learn more about Radoop in a previous blog post ) offers the best of all worlds: the powerful but yet flexible graphical user interface of RapidMiner together with the power of Hadoop. Radoop closely integrates the highly optimized data analytics capabilities of Hadoop clusters, the distributed data warehouse Hive, and Mahout into the user-friendly interface of RapidMiner. This results in a powerful and easy-to-use data analytics solution for Hadoop. 

Everybody talks about Big Data now.
While others talk about big data and how to overcome the related issues, we are happy to already announce the solution for the easy creation of data transformations and analytical processes based on Hadoop. This makes RapidMiner + Radoop the first enterprise-ready solution for Big Data Analytics based on Hadoop worldwide.

Radoop is a disruptive technology. And it is the result of the hard work of two experienced teams around RapidMiner / RapidAnalytics (Rapid-I, Germany) and the Radoop extension (Radoop, Hungary). Radoop's active engagement has been one of the key factors for this revolution in Big Data Analytics. The people of Radoop are highly skilled and committed professionals; this is reflected in the amazing quality of the extension. As a consequence, we are really happy about this partnership and looking forward to even more exciting developments around Big Data Analytics during the next months.

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