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Reverse word of mouth advertising to find a new position

This simple computational marketing technique, called reverse endorsement, will let you (indirectly) sell yourself to hiring managers, without having to write anything or talk to anyone.

Reverse endorsement leverages the "Skills & Expertise" feature now found on most LinkedIn profiles. I believe that when LinkedIn introduced this feature, with the possibility for any LinkedIn member to endorse any skill for any of his/her LinkedIn connections, they thought that it would become a viral tool, because of the way endorsement works - indeed I call it reverse endorsement.

To help you understand how it works, let's start with a screen shot showing skills and endorsements for a particular (very popular) LinkedIn member, as it appears on his LinkedIn profile:

If you are connected with him and endorse him for selected skills, your small picture with a clickable link to your profile will appear in this 10 x 12 table, and will stay in position #1 until someone else add her endorsement. To add your endorsement, you simply click on the + symbol, for the skills you are familiar with.

Now everybody visiting his high traffic profile will see your profile in that table, and this can drive very relevant traffic to your LinkedIn profile. Indeed, if you endorse all your most popular connections for the skill "data science", it will generate a good amount of targeted traffic to your profile. In some ways, what you are (indirectly) doing is actually endorse the endorser (yourself) more so than the endorsee (your connection). Thus the name reverse endorsement or reverse word of mouth advertising.

If you are connected with me on LinkedIn, you are welcome to endorse me for the skills data science and big data: I've added these skills today, so unfortunately they show up at the bottom, well below data analysis, SQL, etc. In turn, you will benefit from this indirect (reverse) promotional effect.

Another nice feature associated with "skills and expertise" on LinkedIn

For every skill (say "data analysis"), you can visit the associated skill page on LinkedIn. The reverse endorsement technique will also boost your rank for the skill in question (as shown on the associated skill page) because many of the connections that you endorse will reciprocate.

The nice feature is that the associated skill page tells you interesting metrics (volume, growth trends) for the skill in question. See below charts for four popular or hot skills (big data, analytics, data science, visualization):

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