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Sample source code for various data science tasks and projects

These (and more) are available for free in our code snippets group:

  • Source code to compute all permutations of n elements
  • Simple solutions to make videos with R
  • Source code for our Big Data keyword correlation API
  • Code to run SQL queries 10 times faster than Brio, Toad etc. (for business analysts)
  • Simple Perl code to visit web pages with a web robot
  • Simple source code to simulate nice cluster structures
  • R code to compute statistics (min, max, correlation, stdev etc.) by group 
  • R code for model-free, data-driven confidence intervals
  • From chaos to clusters (simulation of stochastic processes)
  • A Couple Good Python Resources for Data Science
  • Block tolerant web scraper on AWS
  • Simple code to produce realistic stock market simulations
  • How to easily display our various news feeds on your website?
  • Simple Javascript code to display and rotate ads on a website
  • Perl code to create interesting images (bitmaps) with Markov fields
  • Ridge regression with bootstrap (C and Perl version)
  • R tutorial to produce nice graphs and maps with 256 colors

Click here to access source code, read comments or contribute.

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