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Sargels Toolbar- Financial Information Solution

We received in the last few days many personal emails from new users of Sargels Toolbar as well as those who interested in it, questioning what is Sargels is all about. Because of that we decide this post won't talk about the features of Sargels but on Sargels itself. This is a pauza from reviewing and instead giving an overview picture.
Sargels Toolbar is a free toolbar, based on light platform, giving you a collection all the financial information on the web (while the vast majority of the sources are totally free) in a sorted, organized and categorized way. Giving categories for the sources on the web wasn't easy, but as a final product, Sargels Toolbar gives you different sections which every section define a specific field in the financial markets. Examples are:
Charts & Technical Analysis (check the last post)
Indices (info from different sources about US indices)
Information Centers (IPOs, Earnings, Calendars, Mergers and more)
Industries (key sources for industry info)
Options (all the sources for options information, including screeners, ratios, implied volatility, Greeks and more)
ETFs (information on ETF from diversified specialists sources)
Financial Videos (from different sources)
Mutual Funds (free sorted information on mutuals including screeners and news)
Bonds (including screeners, yield curves, calculators, news, rates and more)
Commodities (vast range of free sources about commodities, including indexes, news, rates, charts and more)
Hedge Funds (wide range of news sources about hedge funds, free)
Worldwide and Emerging Markets (diversified sources including news, indices, charts and more)
Macro-Economics (news and information, including stats, from important and significant sources like the I.M.F, S.E.C, E.C.B, N.B.E.R, World Bank, B.E.A and more)
Forex (vast range of sources for interest rates, live rates and charts, historical rates and additional info, calendars, currency converters, technical analysis, interactive maps, glossary, options, forums and much more)
and other important source like Brokers, Ratings & Estimates, Research, Rating Agencies, Communities, Blogs & Opinions, Education & Glossaries, Personal Finance, Financial Technologic systems, Investment Banks and more.
So in the bottom line, Sargels Toolbar is a really comprehensive and organized tool to help you control the financial information floating on the web. You can see the inside of Sargels Toolbar at the Screenshots in As for the general links button, we talked about it in this post, so check it out.
We hope now it's much more understanble how Sargels can help you. If still something is not clear, post a comment or contact us.
Don't forget to share us with your acquaintances (in any legitimate way you want) so they will be able to enjoy this free financial tool as well.
That's it for this post.
In the next ome we'll continue the reviewing from the point we stopped- 'Charts & Technical Analysis' sub-button.
Sargels Toolbar Team.

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