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SAS BI: Does Your Organization Have a BI Strategy?


One of the best things about attending the SAS Global Forum is all the brilliant people you get to meet.  Guy Garrett’s presentation about planning a BI strategy was quiet popular and I have to say he was very witty.  Turns out implementing a BI strategy is similar to dating –
who knew?  Anyway – here’s a follow up from Guy – I encourage you to sign-up for the
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What is Your BI Strategy?

By Guy Garrett

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a paper on “How to Create a Business Intelligence Strategy” at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando. I started off by asking for a show of hands if the organisation the audience worked at had a current existing BI strategy. Out of approx 150 people only 20% put up their hands. I then followed this up with a further question: “Keep your hands up if your BI strategy is documented and accessible so that all information consumers at the organisation know what the strategy is.” Three hands remained.

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guygarrettprofilepicture SAS BI: Does Your Organization Have a BI Strategy?

Guy Garrett is a freelance contractor and managing director of the Achieve Intelligence network a group of business intelligence  professionals who provide added value to their customers by  providing niche services in the BI arena. With over 20 years SAS experience Guy is able to talk in technical detail as well as operate at the strategic level.

Learn more about how Achieve Intelligence transformed a monthly 150-page document into a business intelligence dashboard that helps the customer find the golden nuggets of information.

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